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Forumla Gurus...

I want desperately to get rid of the primer on my '96 Formula SLS and go to a choke setup.

I've had this sled since 1998, but upgraded to a newer sled in 2010, and don't use it much. It's a bullet-proof sled that my sledless friends borrow, and I have used it as a kicker when my MXZ is down and out, but that primer is soooooooooooooooo touchy (flooding), that I just want to go back to the tried and true choke.

So, I imagine I'll have to change carbs entirely. Does anyone know what works as a good, seamless swap?

The current carbs list as 38 mm Mikuni's (VM 38-311, p/n: 403123900)

Any other tips or tricks I might need to know?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

- AJ

Your primer might just have a sealing problem. I had one that would suck gas through the line when the sled was running. Put a new primer on and it solved the problem.

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