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does anyone else play hollywood?

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just interested to see how many of you guys (and gals) out there make snowmobiling videos. last year, my uncle and cousin made a pretty cool video of us jumping and pissin around, complete with soundtrack. i guess they went out and shot some 'footage' today, but i was out of town so i missed it. anyway, this next winters version is going to be complete with still pictures of us doing supermans, and hopefully some shots of the same on video. does anyone else do this kind of thing?
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Haven't yet, but I'm going to start. I just bought a video camera.
I've been trying to put together a MX one like Crusty Demons of Dirt. Real hard since I'm always riding. Maybe tape the camera to my helmet?? I would do one with sleds but no real snow in SE Wis. A homemade film like ******* Furry would be cool.

I've only got still photos now.

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Just wait till later this winter, I am making a music video of me and my friends jumping and stuff. Some items to be jumped include new trucks, sheds, bales, etc.. It should be pretty cool. I will upload it so you can download it.

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ya there is a bunch of us up here who are goin to do that.

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I want to and I soo bummed! I boutght my wife a camcorder for xmas. We went out yesterday and she said I could take it but I didn't and both my brother and I got off hard he hit a ditch he didn't see and went over the bars (minor damage but damn that thing was buried deep) and I had to get off mid air when stump suddenly appeared on the jump I was going off. Luckily there was still some semi deep stuff around so no damage to me or the sled. would have loved to see that though

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