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doesnt life just suck

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ok first ride of the season, all is well, till your sled starts acting the same running on 2 cylinders,then your track goes. this year has sucked ass for me atleast tracks arent hard to change and i have a spare one. ohwell ill change it this week then figure out why my sled is acting up again. on a good note, man was i haulin. i opened my sled up after it first warmed up out on the lake and i caught up with a xc 600 and blew right by him but maybe he wasnt pegged it sure seemed like it tho. we stopped and talked a little while after that he said he was wide open wanted to know what was under my hood. well thanks for letting me vent


My wife said its me or my sleds... Im sure gonna miss her
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well what were you riding?

1992 arctic cat jag deluxe
1996 ZRT 600
i was riding my 83 indy 600 yeah its old but it will compete with most sleds out there now when it wants to run right. good thing i have another track for it huh

My wife said its me or my sleds... Im sure gonna miss her
Older doesn't mean out of the picture. Look at the muscle cars. Built right, nothing can compete on the street. Well, I am sure something can, but you get the drift. Keep on pumpin with the '83. That was a good year by the way.

Live to Ride! - FrozenSmile
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