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dredge ditches suck

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well, we got a bunch of snow here in iowa, went out riding friday,saturday, and yesterday, except on saturday i was clipping along at 60-70 mph, and big oopsy! failed to remember that a dredge ditch was right there, and down i went, 20 ft.drop. all that happened to my sled was the bolts that hold the seat on, pulled through the seat, and it fell off, but i stayed on the sled. after saying a few choice words, and scaring the hell out of my friends, i had to laugh, cause i stayed on my sled! and rode it right back up the other side of this steep enbankment, back home and fixed the seat. and right back out i went! could have been really bad, but the ol polaris took it and grinned at me.
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Glad you weren't hurt.
"Polaris, the way out (of dredge ditches)

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Wow great to hear the sled and you took it fine! My luck my sled would have been totalled or something like that.

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Man, you're lucky you came out of that one the way you did. Thats one tough sled you've got too!!!

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Good to hear you're ok.

Trees don't make the greatest brakes...
That makes two of us that don't like ditches! Glad to hear your not hurt.

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It's a good thing that the XLT heald through it with minor damadges. You have to watch where you drive. hehe I know, I know, it is your fist time going ona real ride this season and you are just getting used to the power once again!

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