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driven clutch on my 96 ZRT 600

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I am playing with the spring on my driven clutch. What hole should i Put the spring in? and how do I know it is in the wrong hole?what would it do if it was in the wrong hole? thanks!!!
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I've got the same sled, but I've got a roller secondary. For what it's worth, I've got the spring in the middle hole.
Each hole represents 200 RPM. set it by running hard down the trail and noting your RPM, it should stay where you are at peak engine RPM. If its under, increase spring tension, if itsover loosen the spring. Your owners man. will tell you the correct peak engine RPM. Running with an incorrect setting wastes performance and too high is just as bad as too low.
I don't recommend messing with your secondary to achieve proper RPM. You should play with the clutch weights in the primary for that. Secondary should be adjusted to get proper shifting. Get your RPM right before messing with the secondary. My sled is piped, and I run 48 gram weights, which clutches it for 9200 RPM WFO. I've almost got it dialed in perfectly for my type of riding. Don't they run best right before they blow up???!!!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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