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Duraliner Trailer Guides

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Well stopped by the local line-X truck shop
asked about a bedliner (for a "recycling" project)
They pointed to the dumpster, and off I went.

One hint for those looking for a little extra length
you'll see it in the photos, but leave the back attached
gives you an extra 2 feet of material, if your not lucky enough
to find a long bed liner.
(plus a "cool" FORD logo if you get the right liner)

So for $8 (the cost for a pound of self tapping screws with metal/rubber washers) I still have a bunch left too.

Total time once home about 35minutes start to finish
total cost ~10 if you count gas to travel.

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I did the same thing with my trailer. Those guides are outragous to buy. I got an old bedliner for like 10 bucks, had some screws laying around, and used some adhesive to seal them so water wouldn't get trapped underneat the plastic and rot the wood out. Makes it real nice for unloading the sleds.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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