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E-Z Throtle control for a 2005 Polaris XC 500

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Just getting my wife into sledding and bought her a 2005 XCSP 500 as it's a sled she can control easily. Problem is that her throttle hand is constantly throbbing and then ges numb. She has small hands and think it's the throttle control. Heard from a friend that they once installed an E-Z Throttle control on their sled and it seemed to help. Called my Polaris dealer and they no longer sock as was targetted at the olde sleds. Any idea where I can find one and any opinions from people who used one?
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Yes it was for older sleds, older heavier carb slides and throttle cable with multiple linkages. The throttle pull on flatslide carbs like yours is about as "easy" as it gets. Newbies sometimes need a bit of an adjustment period to get those muscles that work the fun flipper in good shape. Sometimes frequent breaks and stretching or moving the hand and joints around can really help, also avoid steady throttle, get on & off when reasonably possible. If all that fails, look into a finger throttle.
Google "thumb thing" . They actually work pretty good. Its a gizmo you wrap around your wrist and thumb.
Something like these might also be options....


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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