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Eagles won

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close one :)
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Yah Yah Yah, they won and I lost a bet with my boss who is from the Philly area. So Tuesday I had to wear an old Ty Dettmer #14 Eagles jersey to work that my boss left with me in Illinois last week.
Good luck against the Rams!

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hey we here in pittsburgh have a little team that can play some ball too!, maybe we will get to play your eagles, last week the ravens ran there mouth all week and last sunday we shut them up in a hurry! and ended their season, good luck to your eagles, those rams look pretty tough, we need to get through the patirots, hey, we could have a all PA. superbowl!!!

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Go Steelers!!!

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The PATRIOTS rule, we'll see on sunday. No snow so we have to watch the game.
steelers vs. eagles

When in doubt- Throttle out!

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