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Electric start woes

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'76 Ski Doo TNT 340e f/c
Was riding sunday and things were going well until something came loose in my exhaust and plugged the exit. Limped home and fooled with it for awhile until the electric starter started making BAD noises.
Looked at it and it's now got 1/2" of play off of the engine. So it flops as it tries to engage.
1. how could this happen? Two bolts go loose all of a sudden? Pretty wierd.
2. More importantly how do I fix it? I can't get a wrench on the bolts with the engine in the sled (please, please say I can fix it in the sled.) I can only imagine there was some sort of spacer or something thats come off.
I'll know more saturday when I pull it into the shop...
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