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exaust temp ?

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ive seen exaust temp. gauges and just wondered if any of you have them, and if so what is a average exaust temp?, also what should i expect on a 440 fc sprit engine? just wondering because i found a gauge that starts at 100 and goes to 1000, just wanna try it to see. any ideas?
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Don't know about average. You just don't want to go over 1250, otherwise you'll be melting.
I know a couple of guys who run EGT's and when they have there sleds dialed in they are running in the 1100-1150 range. After burning up my PTO piston last year I thought about putting one on but haven't done it yet. A gauge that only goes to 1000 seems a little low in the temp range.
You would want it pegged out for the sled to be running right.

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ok with my magnetic gage stuck right to the exaust comming right out of the head i could only get about 400, degrees this is with running the sled at half throttle for about 15 mins, im not sure how accurate this method is, but the gage is accurate because i use it to setup flue tempatures on oil furnaces.

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Here's a little tip. EGT's are a probe that is placed in the center of the exhaust gas stream. Depending on the sled, they are mounted approximately 3-4 inches down past your Y-shaped header pipe. Placement is critical for accurate temps. The EGT only reads accurate at WOT on a warm engine and warm pipe. So, you basically have to hammer it across a lake to get the highest reading; which should always stay below 1300 degrees F. This would generally indicate that your jetting is safe. Now, if you do this, and your in a safe temp zone, you've only achieved one piece of information on your engines performance.
Piston wash and spark plug color are other things to monitor your engine as well. EGT's can definitelly help out, just remember that when your moving at WOT, a small analog gauge is VERY hard to read. Large, clear, and accurate digital gauges are nice to have if you can afford one. Hope this clears things up a bit.
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I liked Megamans answer alot , except {only working at WOT.} A lean condition at part throttle can be diagnosed by comparison to normal running temperatures that are based on plug inspection. Again" nuthin" tells it like the plugs.

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