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I have an 89 exciter 570EN and the electric starter hasn't been working since i got the sled last season. I didn't really need it since it started in like 2-3 pulls. But just for a project, i thought i'd try to fix it. I thought it was the battery at first, so i replaced the battery. Charged it. And still didn't work. This was all last season btw. So today i got bored before work and thought i'd try using a jump pack. My friend thought it would work so i gave it a try. But it didn't. So i'm on a mission to try to find a starter for it. I thought maybe it was the wiring to the starter. I turn the key to start and nothing. Just the clicking of the key hitting when i turn it. I've checked ebay and the local swap sheet. Nothing... Would this be a dealer only item??? ahhas;dlfknasdf
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