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extra 10 conversion.

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i put a 2000 xc extra ten in my 'non extra' indy 500 and had to relocate the rear drop bracket to make it work and it does seem to function just fine because i did put about 500 miles on it like that last year but im wondering why the track is so extremly tight, i have the tension bolts all the way loose and its still just tight as a virgin, when i lift it up the track doesnt even sag off the rails, any suggestions? the skid is that xtra 10 position sensitive fox
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When mounting a xtra 10 you also have to relocate the front mounting bolts to compensate for the different suspension. Here's the article someone wrote on how to do it.
thanks, i didnt realize that.
I have the same problem and my sled had the XC100 to start. I've got to figure it out soon because I am putting in a new track and I know the unstreched track will be REALLY tight.
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