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For those of you that wear eyeglasses while riding, how do you keep them from fogging up? Does a heated faceshield help much?

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The breath deflector products out there work great for this. Most new helmets have this built in but the older ones you can add it to. I don't wear eyeglasses but I do wear sunglasses, and have never had a serious problems with fogging.

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It isn't my glasses that fog up, it is the shield itself for me. If I leave it cracked just a bit this will prevent it. I would like to get a heated shield so I can keep it closed which means warmer for me.

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i have a bombadier modular helmet.. it was expensive but worth every penny. never have to crak my shield unless to cool off my face. never got one bit of fog. my friends bought a helmet made by lazer(same company that makes the bombadier one) has respirator also and they say it works just as well as long as the respirator is tight. and it was about 100 dollars cheaper than mine.. the only difference is mine the breath comes out of vents on the side of the face mask,and has a built in sun shield that you can just slide down. theirs the breath blows out the bottom. and they bought sun visors that go over the windshield for like 20 bucks


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I love those helmets.....but damn they are expensive!

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I solved my fogging problem with a NO-FOG mask. It's thin. You just put it on like a mask, and the breath deflector keep moisture flowing toward your chin, intead of upward. Wear it under most helmets. I think it was $30.
Oh yeah, the material covers your chin and neck too, so you don't get frost bite or anything from all that moisture and cold air.
MegaMan, where did you get the NO-FOG mask?
My dad wears glasses and has spent a lot of money on different helmets trying to fix the fogging problem. The only thing that the both of us have found that works is moto-cross style helmet with goggles with the quick strap. You can get an insert that just snaps into the goggle with you prescription, my dad’s is even bi-focal. We just keep another pair of goggles in a cloth bag under the hood. My second pair is a different lenses color for different conditions; I use the blue and yellow lenses.

I didn’t like the Bombadier helmet because of the weight. After a long day of ridding I would find that my neck would be killing me. Also all the people that I know that run the Bombadier helmet have had to enlarge the vent holes that exit your breath, in cold weather they tend to freeze shut, they might have fixed this on the newer models.

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I could never seem to keep my glasses from fogging up, so I got some contact lenses for snowmobiling.I don't really like wearing them, but they do work awesome for riding.

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I wear the No- Fog mask and the deflector in my A.C. helmet and have an electric shield, and contact lenses. I can ride right in other sleds "sno-dust" with no problems what so ever!!! But the second I put sunglasses on I fog right up. I think some people just perspire around thier eyes more than others, 'cause my buddy wears glasses all day and has no trouble. Go figure!

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I couldn't wear my glasses last Sunday night when I was riding, maybe thats why I didn't see the 6' deep creek bed I crashed into. I bought contacts last year just for riding but haven't wore them since last winter. I am starting to get used to them again while my sled is down for repairs. I won't ride at night or on unfamiliar trails without them again, during the day I can see pretty well but at night forget it.

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I have an HJC Air-5 helmet with a built in breath deflector and I wear glassses. I can ride all day with the shield down and have never had the shield or glasses fog up on me. Helmet cost me $125 at my local dealer.

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i just checked my dennis kirk catalog. they have the no-fog mask in the mid-thirties $$$
Try this. Wear a helmet sock. When you put your helmet on, Make sure the sock does not pull down around your lips. Then make sure to pinch the mouth/nose cover down over the bridge of your nose. If your helmet is loose, this won't help. It worked for me though.

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I don't wear glasses but for those of you that have your sheilds fog or ice up, next time you come to a stop for any length of time, take you helmet off and put it in your hood compartment over the engine heat. Really helps to take the moisture out of the helmet to get it to last longer before the next fog up. Also warms up the helmet nicely. Watch for 'hot' spots in there though.

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Hi - I wear glasses and have spent a buncha time solving this (at least for me) - I wear a Lazer SN66 helmet, it has a nice breath deflector, use Cat Crap on both my visor interior and both sides of my glasses, I treat them every morning before the riding starts.

Every time we stop, I use a Scott No-Fog cloth to clean my glasses and get more anti-fog stuff on em. Worked in Quebec (Gaspe - 1200 miles) and also in UP...

Works !


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THE PURPLE STUFF is the name of it no fog or fingerprints for about 3 days it is great, I keep it in my sled (4.oz bottle) so I have it all the time. Bought it at a snowmoblie show $20 for a 16.oz and a 4.oz and a jewelry cleaning container. 1-800-786-9136
I have been using the Bombardier helmet. Yes its expensive, but works perfectly. Every once in a while there is a problem with the breath guard not being seated properly, but after adjustment no problem. I don't even have to lift up the sheild when I stop! This is great for those -10 windy days. It is heavy though, and my neck does get sore after a day of long riding. I am going to try the prescription goggles from Pro-Vue this year (in a moto X sytle helmet). My only concern is that you can get frost bite on the really cold days. By the way, I must admit to getting frost bite more than once around the face guard of my modular helmet. I now put vaseline on these areas on extremely cold days. I do have a bottle of the purple stuff, but have not tried it. The problem with most anti-fog coatings is that under extreme cold conditions the freeze up causing fogging themselves. We'll have to see. The bottom line is that the modulare helmet works with glasses. The other bonus is that you can leave your glasses on when taking the helmet on and off. It is truly the way to go. I would think that under normal conditions the the Pro-Vue would work well also. Good luck

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I have just a plain 100$ helmet. Usually never fogs. If you wash down the visor with shampoo and rinse it off, its supposed to help it from foging up... I usually just keep all the vents open, and where a belaclava and that works fine.

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