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Feedback on Goodwin Performance???

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How good are Goodwin Performance parts, specifically CLUTCH KITS

What gains can I expect on a 2001 ZR 600 EFI

Bring on the white stuff!
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From what I've been told you can expect increased throttle response throughout the power band. The local A/C shop highly recommends the Goodwin Kits.
Another person with a modified Snow Pro swears by Goodwin and their tuning work also. He's trying to get me to put a set of D&Ds on my 800 and have Goodwin clutch and tune it. This guys has more free cash than I do..... Maybe next year

Cool, I'm hoping to stay up with my buddy's xc 600, I would love to have the 800, everything I've heard about it is great, GOTTA LOVE TWIN TORQUE!!!

Bring on the white stuff!
Zigslow will you give it up already, you ordered the clutch kit. We'll let everyone know how you did against me on the lake, right after I put the first 100 miles on the thing.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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