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Fellow 2stroke enthusiasts need your help!!

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Your fellow 2stroke enthusiasts need your help! Environmentalist groups have recently attacked McDonalds for their decision to offer 2stroke vehicles in the newest Monopoly game. These groups pose great threats to our activities and we need to stand together and fight back. I am asking for your support in this matter and all it requires is a few minutes of your time. A petition has been set up at the following site to show your support. Every name puts us one step closer to victory against these groups. So what are you waiting for? This is your chance to stand up, be heard and fight back!! If not for yourself, do it for your fellow enthusiasts. I thank you for your support and so will all the 2stroke enthusiasts.

Visit the site/petition here:

(Copy and paste it into your browsers address bar and make a difference right now!)
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Dude I'll help I'll post it on my boards as well. And I'll post it on my site that gets about 200 people a day. They aren't really snowmobile fans but I'm sure they will help!

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Thats great Sirroxen! I want to give a special thanx to you and your efforts! It's ppl exactly like yourself who make a huge difference and obviously willing to stand up for your rights and what you believe!! I actually come to you from the PWC world so I'm not really a snowmobile fan either. If my climate was opposite from what it is, I'm sure I would be though. This is not about snowmobiles,atvs,pwc,..etc.. It is about our rights for all 2stroke enthusiasts. This is where they focus there attention!

I want to thank everyone who has signed! It takes 1 min of your time to make a difference! Tell your friends and family! You've got email right?
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