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FiberGlass Repairs??

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Hey guys, great site to begin with, I love it.

I have a 1998 Indy lite Deluxe, small but a hell of a lot of fun, and i tipped her over on its side, now instead of the windshield cracking, the peice in between the windshield and the hood cracked right in two.

I'm sorry i don't know how to post a link but its on Polaris Mans site.

the peice is only a little peice in there and it has a crack, but the way the windshield is bolted on and the way it is on the hood, i am wondering if i could take it off and get it repaired somehow. A frend of mine said it could be done but i don't know?

I am just wondering what you guys think, its $190 for a new one but i dont want to spend that much. It works perfect the way it is but i dont like that big crack in there.

Any help would be appreciated, Thanks, Jordan
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I know around here you can get hoods fixed, a buddy of mine flipped his machine over last year and aquired a 3 or 4 inch crack in his hood, got it fixed for around 100 dollars (Canadian) But he didn't replace the decals, that would have cost way more.

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You can do what I did for my yamaha. Goto Canadian Tire (Or whatever hardware store you have near) and see if they have short strang fibre glass kits. The boating or car one will work. It should come with your resin mixes, clothe and some sand paper and stuff.

Now open up your hood, where the crap is you should see it from inside. Now depending on where your support molding is on your hood, you should be able to lay some fibreglass in there. You will be repairing from the inside. You want to cut a strip that will lay over about 1/4 inch more than the crack. If you want extra strength in that area you can lay another strip bigger than the first patch. Of since its inside anyways, you can lay small strips, like stiches, across the patch. Make them around 2 inches or more long so they contact more of your hood.

Let it cure and then you can paint it with a tremclad paint

If you want to get fancy, albeit you will add weight, you can use some bondo and fill in the outer edges and make it smooth, but its the inside and who is going to really see that.

Now on the outside you should end up with a small line crack. You can either just leave it, it should now be structurally strong. You can get a plastic putty and fix it that way, but I would suggest not to touch it.


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Thanks Guys, i was wondering, when you get it repaired, how noticeable is the crack, its in a spot where it wont be seen if theres no attention drwn to it

Thanks, Jordan
The crack on mine was litterely about 1mm or so. It looks like a line was drawn on my hood.
First off is the hood fiberglass? Most of the newer sleds have plastic hoods. If the hood is plastic you can weld the crack by shaving off a piece of plastic from under the hood and use a soldering iron to weld it back in place. If you don’t have a good soldering iron you can use a big nail and a propane torch. Put the nail in a pair of vice-grips and use the torch to heat it, and then use it like a soldering iron.

Prep the crack like you would for welding metal. Then use a plastic filler, you should be able to find it at an auto parts store, and to smooth everything out then you can paint.

If the hood is fiberglass that makes it harder and unless you have done glasswork before I would take it to someone to fix.

Another way to go is for around $385 dollars you can get a Stealth Power Hood from R&M Lightning Products. You can save up to 18 pounds and have better cooling without having any vents to let the snow in.

R&M Lightning Products

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I think you should get it professionally done, my buddy did and you can't tell the crack even existed.

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THanks For The Advice, im just checking around to see how much this is gonna cost.
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