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Figured out the '01 800XCSP Starting Problem

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(Tickle the throttle while starting) I have had my '01 800XCSP for over a month now. At first I couldn't seem to get the sled started without seven to ten pulls. I was quite tired and breathing hard by then. Now, if it's cold, It takes four pulls and if it is warmed up....One. (No more playing catch up when everyone else takes off after one pull to start) Of course I have to tickle the throttle while I pull the cord, but it is much more simple now that I have it figured out. With all the problems everyone had with these, I got an outstanding deal. $5,800 brand new and out of the box. I have around 300 miles on it now and am looking forward to the 1000 mile mark....THIS YEAR.....I hope. Here is me praying to the snow gods.


Sorry, gotta go and see if it work. LOL.

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My 700 twin will usually start cold on 1 pull, with the choke on. Great sled you got there!

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Yea, those sleds were hard to start on a cold day. The decompression hole they put on the 2002 XC 800 made the sled fire on 2-3 pulls and 1 when warm. The throttle massage is a good idea, now lets try and burn some of your friends ya?

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You're a heck of a lot more man than I am if you can tickle the throttle while pulling the rip cord on an XC 800! Great sled though & what a great deal. I tend to look for bargains on leftover sleds as well. Maybe that will be the only benefit to having NO FREAKING SNOW this year.

The XC800 is definately not for the faint of heart. My wife can not start it period. I can pull it one handed, but not many time in a row. It is sad when you have to hit the gym just to make sure you can start a sled. LOL. I now know why I heard all the horror stories about starting this sled. It is a bear and you have to have some strength, or stamina, to start it.
Yes, the end of year roll overs are the best times to get the sled you want without paying top dollar for it.

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