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finally bought a new sled...

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yep i finally did broke down and had enough problems with my 600 that i broke down and bought a new to me sled. 1993 polaris indy 440 5000miles with new rear suspension rebuilt motor all new shocks i cant wait to be burning up the trails on this bad boy i pick the sled up today so when i get it home ill get some pics of it up on here.


My wife said its me or my sleds... Im sure gonna miss her
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Sounds nice man! Get some pics of it when you get it!

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Hey, I just got a 1993 polaris indy 440 today and being as theres no snow i cant really drive it or test it out XD but i was wondering if its a decent sled... mine starts in 1 pull ( it is warm out too... ) its liquid cooled ... i really dont know much about it. I would really appreciate it if you could tell me some info about yours? thanks
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