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finally, pics of 96 ZRT 600 that work

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couldn't wait for the darn snow to fly, so i flew instead! I don't know much about these ZRT's. What do you guys and galls know? Also what would you say it is worth? 144 carbide tipped picks, ufos in carbs, clutch kit, 3100 miles. Can't find nothing wrong with it. Except, the spring holes in the driven clutch. I had it in the 5th hole. Did great. The place that clutched it said put it in the fourth hole. I did, skis come up and belt slips. I think I just have to put it back in the 5th hole. any suggestions? thanks!!!!!!

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Fixed it for ya.

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Perhaps the skis are coming up because you are sitting too far back? Just looking at your first pic. Great looking sled man.

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Nice sled,
I like the paint job on the screen kit. Don't know much about the baby triple but I have a couple of buddies who know them real well. I have one buddy who long tracked it and did some mods to the motor and it climbs excellent. Dyno'd at around 150HP. Good depenable sled.

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Nice sled, Don't know what to suggest on the clutch settup. On the value... Kelley Blue Book on the East coast..$2,345 trade in, $3,440 selling it outright.


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so 2600 was a good price. bought outright from an individual. He also put a primary clutch from a 99 with 500 miles on it because that clutch plate closest to the motor had a few cracks in it. thanks for replying.......
he put a clutch from a different sled on that sled?? I generally wouldn't do that. My uncle got I believe about $2400 in trade. I think... That is a sweet sled. And in that pic unless you are just trying to throw the skis up that is a bad position. I always race with my feet as far back on the boards as I can and my head right about the handle bars. You see guys leaning back but they aren't serving to do anything. I have a 1996 XCR 600 SP. It was the sled Polaris put out to compete with that sled and let me tell you that your sled rips my sled a new one. Drag racing on a lake with my cousin. I got the holeshot took off 3/4 of the way down I am doing a buck 5 and here he comes and rips right past me like i was nothing.
Nice clean sled man!! Nice to see some more cats up on the board!!

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Nice sled! I like the screen kit!

That screen kit is the [email protected]! Got no clue about your clutch though. Sounds like you got a good deal on it, happy riding.
thanks!!! I painted the screen kit myself, Testors paint. Did it while they were on the sled. 1.5hrs. well worth the time. I am leaning back in the picture just to pull up the skis for the picture. I want to turn it into a poster. More replies!!!! this is great

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Looks like you got a great deal! Great picture.
i think you need wheelie bars on it to keep the skis on the
nice lookin sled though
Nice lookin sled Matt. Dont you wish you had some snow to run that thing on?? I do.

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Hey guys! I'm new here so don't bash me LOL. Anyway, nice lookin zirt. I was riding last turkey day with my uncle who also had a 96 zrt 600 trip. Unfortanately while riding through the ditches his tail light came off and one of his motor mounts broke so the engine was twisting when he hit the gas. The sound of the Triple in that thing is wicked cool though.........
ya know what make em sound cooler, puttin some black magic stuff on it. my dads buddy has a 97 ZRT, same sled basically. put a black magic exhast on it and Nirtous. thing sounds sweet, and with the hit of that nitro button, it flys too.

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