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Finally Snow!

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Its snowing in minnesota! We are suppose to get 5 inches by tomarrow morning. All of our other snow melted last week so maybe the ditches would have some nice drifts with some wind.
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Where in minnesota are you getting 5 inches?

Trees don't make the greatest brakes...
Man you're lucky 99-XCF. Thinking about getting the lawn mower out tomorrow. Mark
Man, we got like 4-5 inches already here in Minneapolis. Too bad my 440 is in central minnesota.
hell yeah man!!! northern suburbs got 4-5 inches, of heavy-er thick snow... I"M SO HAPPY!!!!!

Now, hopefully my jugs are done being bored out, and my pistons have come in.
now, that would be amazing!

Well we got 5-6 inches, I live 30 miles south of the cities. Had my sled out for a bit the powder kicks @$$!
hey, are people riding on lake minnetonka yet?

1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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