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First Ride this season

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I had my first ride this past weekend. A group of us went to the Redfield/Timberview area of NY. They have a lot of snow, over 9' so far this year.
Most of the trails were good on the way out. But, they were very bumpy
on the way back. It's probably because we saw the Timberview groomer broken down on the trails. There were a least 200 sleds at the Timberview lodge when we stopped there for lunch. We were told that there were about 1000 sleds last weekend. We hope to get there a few more times this year since the Rochester NY area does have any show.
I will send some pictures to intendedacceleration to post for me here.

Still Kicking!
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Here's the pics!

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Thanks Intendedacceleration!!!

Still Kicking!
Man, i wish we had even a fraction of the snow in New York. It has now been officially two months since i last rode my snowmobile. Hmm, i wonder how long it would take to drive to NY from MN. ? Nice pics, looks like alot of fun.
That sure does look inviting, hopefully the trails in the Western UP look nearly as good. They have had over 122" of snow this season so far, that's below their average but that's where I'll be next Sunday.

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We Rode Tug Hill the this past weekend, but let me tell you it has calmed down since new years. We waited for 2 hours at Flat Rock for gas, and then another hour and a half just for fries caus thats all they were serving. My only advice is try to saty off the hill.
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