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This snowmobile started life as an EFI model but was converted to carburetors due to a nonfunctional EFI unit. This involved disassembling the engine to the lower case half and drilling a hole through the engine case to put a pulse fitting in for the fuel pump. In the process the cylinders were honed and Wiseco pistons, rings, and top end bearings were installed.

The rear suspension was completely rebuilt including new rails and front torque arm. The track was also replaced with a Camoplast 136x1x15 inch track.

All stock decals have removed however some of the pink coloration remains in the form of the Polaris decal on the seat and seat piping.

This sled is NOT equipped with either hand or thumb warmers and installation would be up to you. I rode this sled in the moderate temperatures of the UP and these were not essential equipment. Sled does come with a home built gas can rack but it can be easily removed upon request.

During the process of rebuilding the engine new crank seals were installed and a leak developed on the PTO side. I believe that the seal was incorrectly packed with grease that resulted in a weak seal, however, towards the end of the season I cleaned the seals and applied RTV sealant to the seal area.

The last ride of the season (45°F sunny day) the sled ran warm. I am not sure if the timing is slightly advanced or the absence of snow hitting the coolers caused the problem. So you will want to monitor the plugs the first ride of the season.

The sled sounds worse than it really is, however, I just want any potential buyers to be aware of the true condition of the sled, surprises suck.

The sled is located in Duluth, MN. 1000 or best offer.



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