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Here are a few pics, some slight changes made since pics taken

For Sale 2002 Yamaha MountainMax 800 big bore (done to the nuts)

This sled is in excellent condition, Very low Mileage (only 250km on big bore). This is an awesome sled for drag racing, trail riding, lake racing, deep powder playing, whatever you want to do with it, it can do it all on premium 91 octane fuel (recommended)


Lots of mods listed below, and lots of pics (in various stages of modifications) here>

Polished Aluminum Belt Guard $10.00

Bender Racing Triple Tuned Pipes with triple silencers $1300.00 (24HP)

Ceramic Chrome Coating on all pipes/silencers & Manifolds $500.00 (1HP)

Red Powder Coated Carburetors Covers, Brackets, Etc... $100.00

Custom Bored out Exhaust Manifolds by .020" (1HP)

Stock Carburetors Bored out to 35.5mm (From 33mm) $350.00 (2HP)

Hauck Intake Manifolds & Polished(by me)Boost Bottle $350.00 (2HP)

Bender Racing Cylinder Porting & Polishing $1200.00 (10HP)

Vforce Delta3 reeds with spacers $450.00 (2HP)

Bender Racing Super Slippery Hyfax $200.00

Bender Racing Thicker Cylinder Gasket and thinner Head Gasket
to move the intake port height for better power $150.00 (2HP)

Gutted and enlarged openings in stock Air box plus cold plus 8
extra holes cut in pod with extra snow filters $40.00 (1HP)

Bender Racing Custom Cast 700 Pistons (Ceramic Coated) & Rings With $400.00

Yamaha Rear Gusset Reinforcement Brackets inside Tunnel Extension $50.00

Bender Racing GenII Roller Rooster Secondary Clutch with 41/35 Helix $500.00
4 Custom strobe lights mounted inside stock Headlight assembly $50

Benders Ofset Red & Yellow Secondary Spring at 30 Degrees twist $100.00

Yamaha Performance Secondary Sheave Covers to smooth airflow $50.00

Mountain Performance Lightweight Aluminum Brake Hub & Rotor $300.00

Bender Racing Tunnel Cooling Strips $700.00

Bender Racing Remote Fuel Mixture Screw Adjusters $125.00

Bender Racing Direct Oil Injection Kit $75.00

Two Sets Of Yamaha 3.25" Marginal Snow Wheel Kits & Blue Wheels $350.00

Yamaha Blue Skid Plate $100.00

23/37 Gears with 68 link 15 plates wide chain with reverse kit $1000.00

Two 8 Tooth Extrovert Anti Slip Track drivers $300.00

Camoplast Challenger 144" X 2.25" Finger Type Track Trimmed down to 1.75" $1450.00

Big wheel Extension Kit $100.00

42" (from 38) Front End Kit with 9" Kayaba long travel shocks $500.00

Simmons Flex-Ski with Quad Carbides with blue swirl and loops $700.00

Snow Tech Polished Aluminum Steering Arms with Caps $250.00

Blue - Billet Aluminum Gas Cap $75.00

Sporttech Neon Blue Headlight Cover & Cobra Windshield $225.00

Adjustable Rear Suspension Transfer Rods $150.00

2.5" Engine Exhaust temperature gauge $200.00

2.5" Engine Coolant Temperature Gauge $200.00

Polished Aluminum Chain case Cover & Brackets Under The Hood $100.00

Yamaha Blue Reflective Hood Brace Kit $50.00

Thunder Products Heavy Hitter Primary Clutch Weights with Black Spring $350.00

SLP Adjustable Engine Torque Arm $50.00

Chromoly 2.5" raised SRX style Steering Column $250.00

SLP Stiff, Trail engine Mounts $100.00

Aluminum Radius Rods, and Chromoly Radius Arms $300.00

Aluminum Trailing Arms $450.00

Aluminum Spindles $400.00

Brass Spindle Bushings $100.00

Bender 800 Big-Bore Kit $4000.00

8" Rear Billet Wheels $150

7" Top Billet Wheels $140

5.5" Small Billet Wheels $200

Chromoly Rear Suspension H-Arms and Strap brackets $1000

Lightweight Rear Suspension Drop Bracket $100

Lightweight Billet Aluminum Rear Upper Cross Shaft $50

Total Suspension mods weighs in 17.5 pounds lighter then stock

Billet Brake Reservoir Cover (Polished) $50

Lightweight Park Brake Assembly (removed 1 pound) $75

Removed Stock Sway Bar and Links (2 pounds Lighter)

Yamaha Cover $200

Yamaha Tether Chord $30

Im sure I missed many more upgrades/mods but this should get you an idea on what I have. I have raced it on 1/8 mike drag on packed snow, and average around 90 mph and under 7 seconds, well enough to place 1’st of second (if I sleep at the line) most of the time in my class. I can drive her on the trails all day without overheating and get around 175km out of a tank when cruising along. She’s awesome for lifting the front off the snow at almost any speed you desire. She pulls very hard at any speed. It’s a great sled but I just ordered a new Yamaha Attack and plan for a turbo on NOS Beast so I am willing to sell my baby…

Well over $25000.00 invested for the sled and Mods, Submit your best offer and If I don’t like it I will keep it forever. Serius inquiries only. You must arrange pickup or delivery.
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