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. Only used for racing hillcross last season. Too many upgrades to list. powder coating, venting, clutching, gearing, tuning, ceramic coating, revalving, extensive motor work beyond a normal factory polaris mod and it shows. Many hours into lightening the sled alone beyond countless hours of different set-ups and tuning. Has the custom front track shock with spring that was only built for a few pro polaris teams. Huge difference over stock. I know because my brother has the stock shock set-up. The custom shock valving in front and rear is the best I have ever been on. Will soak up the small bumps but the harder I pushed it the better it got. Never was able to bottom it out. Sled speaks for itself. Ask anyone who raced hillcross last year and they will tell you this sled spent the majority of the time out front and last year was my rookie year. So that proves that it was mostly the sled because I’m not even that great of a rider. The sled just put me there. That was before anything got lightened this year so it will only be faster. I raced beginner all the way to semi-pro classes last year and got on the podium by my second weekend racing semi-pro with this sled. First weekend got fourth. Will help buyer with any set-up info I got. It really breaks my heart to have to get rid of this sled because of all the hard work into it and I know I have a winner that will be very hard to ever duplicate but I won't be able to race this season because of my job and I would much rather see somebody else winning with it than sit in my shed. I want $6,500 for the sled. Willing to take full or partial trade on a 99+ Chevy extended or crew cab 4x4 pickup, depending on the truck. Located in Saint Cloud MN. Ross 320-309-1958
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