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My family's growing and I need to start cleaning out toys. This is a really nice running '95 RXL 650 motor in a '94 XLT SP chassis that's been updated. It is not a perfect sled but it runs great and has been good to me. Just got back from a 70 mile ride on Saturday.

Decker triple pipes & clutching, 39.5mm smooth bored carbs with primers, Xtra-10 rear suspension with Fox shocks and SLP 121 to 136" rail extensions, 136x1.75" track, 8 tooth drivers, 21/39 gears, Fox front shocks, aftermarket chromoly trailing arms, aluminum radius rods, SLP Ultra Lite skis, additional rear tunnel coolers from an Ultra, Powermadd pivot and 4" riser, handguards, stainless steel extended brake line, and currently has analog EGT gauge and probes. The clutches were cleaned and inspected with the primary and secondary spring replaced in December

On the downside, the hood hinges are missing, hood has two small cracks and has been painted black, there are 7 to 8 lugs missing in the track although it was this way when I installed it 1200 miles ago and it hasn't gotten any worse. The brake light, handwarmers, thumbwarmer do not work currently and I removed the keyswitch years ago.

Pics by request. Asking $1050 obo.
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