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Posting these for a buddy of mine who injured a hand and needs to buy an electric start model. Both are in good shape and hardly used in the past 4 - 5 years. Mechanic maintained and stored each year, new hyfax, nearly new ski skins, and run great! He bought from a lodge out west where they were used as rentals for one season with the speedometers unhooked so exact mileage is unknown, the 98 has approximately 500 miles since he bought, the 2000 has approximately 300 miles since he bought. Covers included with each, he is open to offers! Located just northwest of Minneapolis/St Paul area.

98 Trail - 488 fan engine - $1350/bo
00 Super Sport - 550 fan engine - $1750/bo

Not seeing how to post pics but I can e-mail some.

Contact via email at [email protected]
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