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I have this camera for sale along with many other options available. Simply go to and click on helmet cameras. Once ordering, be sure to type in "earlybird[/color=red]" in the promotional code section for 5% discount[/color=blue]. All orders over $200 include free shipping (domestic only).[/color=blue]

The ContourHD camera records HD quality audio and video and can accept up to a 16GB Micro SD Card! ContourHD combines amazing video clarity (choose between High Definition or High Action), a wide angle lens (135 degrees), single button simplicity, and a click to share online experience.

ContourHD can switch between crisp HD quality video captured at 30 frames per second or butter smooth SD quality video captured at 60 frames per second. Its all-in-one design means ContourHD has no wires or a separate recorder, but instead captures up to 8 hours of HD video to its own internal micro SD memory card (compatible with up to a 16GB card). Armored with an aluminum body and two lasers for quick alignment, ContourHD is ready for any weather or adventure sport.

Its light (4 ounces) but armored aluminum body enables you to capture video in any weather conditions. ContourHD’s TRailTM Mounts seamlessly attach the camera to your body, helmet, goggles, or vehicle for hands-free recording.

Choose between High Definition mode or High Action mode!
High Definition (1280X720 @ 30FPS)
High Action (858X480 @ 60FPS)

View example videos of both the ContourHD and ContourHD 1080p on our Facebook Page & Blog

One Button Record
ContourHD’s operation couldn’t be simpler, as it features a single oversized record switch that you can use even when you’re wearing a pair of gloves. Slide the switch forward to record and slide it back to stop—congratulations, you just made a video! Now you can capture the best scenes right before they happen.

Easy to Align
Have you ever seen a camera with lasers? ContourHD uses two of them and a 192o rotating lens to ensure you line up the shot every time. Turn on the lasers and rotate the front lens until the two laser points are horizontally aligned. Congratulations, you just lined up your video.

What’s in the Box
• ContourHD Camera
• Micro SD Card (2GB)
• Goggle Mount
• Flat Surface Mount
• Rechargeable Battery (average 2 hours)
• Operation Manual
• USB Cable

Feel free to ask any questions.

Thanks for looking
Copy and paste the link below to view the product.

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DoubleClutch said:
Yes, I seen that link. Still 6 days left to bid. I bet this camera goes for over $300 after the bidding stops.

I do appreciate the insight though.
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