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Available for the first time to the public: Montville Highlanders Snowmobile Club Long Sleeve T Shirts. These are printed on High Quality Fruit Of The Loom SofTeez shirts. On the front there is a small Highlanders logo, on the back is a full sized logo, and on the left sleeve are the words " That's How We Roll In Montville " The shirts are black with white lettering, and are available in mens sizes S/ M / L / XL / XXL. The price is $20 US per shirt, and I will ship orders for free up to $5 in shipping. All Proceeds Will Go Directly to The Montville Highlanders Snowmobile Club. If you are interested PM me and I will quote you a shipping cost ( if over $5 ) and or take your order. Thank You For Supporting Organized Snowmobiling !
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Clothing Black Outerwear Sleeve Long-sleeved t-shirt

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The name Montville Highlanders, the Logo of the Montville Highlanders, and the phrases " That's How We Roll In Montville " and " Snow Capital Of Ohio " are copyrighted and the sole property of The Montville Highlanders Snowmobile Club copyrights 2003 & 2009
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