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I have a few parts that came off of polaris edge chassis.

10-56 weights $10 Kind of rough shape

10-58 weights $25 good shape

Edge Console $30 good shape

Saddle bag kit $40 great shape

Polaris 1.5" riser $10

Polaris water pump housing with water pump $30

Polaris 10-56 weights

Polaris 10-58 weights

Polaris Edge console

Polaris saddle bag kit

Polaris 1.5" riser block. was cut down professionally to make sure it is was straight

Polaris liberty big block water pump, off a 02 edge x 700. I replaced it only because where the oil pump sits on the water pump shaft is worn out more than i would like. water pump works and no leaks. crank seal is good too, no cracks, tears or leaks.

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