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Freezing Carbs

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I'm stuck to having to leave my machine outside. It's been cold -15 to -18 plus windchill, and Carbs are freezing up. I use isopropanol in the tank but still freezeup. I'm not sure if I might have accessive water in the tank built up from previous owner. (new to me indy 500) last night I thawed the carb out for about an hour with the hair dryer, and ran fine for awhile. but froze up again. Any suggestions, other than building a heated garage? I syphoned some fuel from the bottom of the tank through a clear tube into a clear container and there were some ice crystals in it. How can I totally drain that out of my tank. where is the lowspot in the tank?
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Use a siphon hose (or tube) that is rigid, but still has some flexability to it. That way you can jam it down into the farthest reaches of your tank. Siphon as much out as you can (unless you want to take your tank completely off and tip it upside down). Then top it off with fresh fuel. Maybe think about putting in some of those drop ins. You know, the ones that are suppose to absorb water, and treat your gas at the same time.

Thats what I'd try first. Good luck.

1997 XLT SP 600
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You said the machine was new to you. I just wanted to add, incase you wernt aware that the conditions you describe are exactly what can cause a lean out and melted piston, even at slow speeds. Be careful.
what we use to totally clean our tanks is a Undercoating sprayer. It is a air compressor driven tool that sucks liquid through one hose and out another. Works best for totally draining any gas tank.
It would also be a good idea to clean out your fuel pump and carbs. This will make sure you get all the water out of the system.
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