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Digging through my closet and found a lot of stuff I don't have much of a use it is.

Snowmobile Gear[/size=5]

Ski-Doo Racing Jacket

Size: Men's S (a rather large small)
Materials: Shell - Nylon End Polyurethane, Polyester; Lining - Nylon, Dacron II
Details: Authentic Bombardier Inc. Racing Jacket. Bought for me in 2000 or 2001 by my father. At the time I was roughly 5'10" tall. I am now 6'1" and it still fits me relatively well. Arms are 22.5" from armpit seam to end. 24.75" from bottom of collar to bottom of jacket. The jacket is in great shape for as long as I used it, but there are small grease spots on it from the pull cord on our sleds. VERY warm. I almost never wore more than a t-shirt under this jacket, and when I did I often ended up taking it off
Price new: Roughly $300.
Asking price: $85.

Coldwave Men's Jacket

Size: Men's M (actually fits about the same as the other but with a little more room)
Details: Purchased about 2 years ago at a swap meet. To my knowledge this jacket has only been worn for one day out on the trails by my brother. It's in excellent shape as it's been in a closet for about 2 years; it's practically brand new. My brother told me it was just as warm as his other jacket (another Ski-Doo one). Arms are 21.5" long. Collar to bottom it measures 25.25."
Price new: About $160
Asking price: $60

Youth HJC Bibs (x2)

Size: Youth L
Material: Shell - Nylon; Lining - Nylon; Filler - Polyester
Details: Bought for me the year before my jacket. Always a little bit short in the torso for me, but I imagine they would fit anyone in the range 5'8" pretty well. Few tears through the years and the openings around the feet are a little bit beat up, but they're not in bad shape. Always seemed to keep me warm. Inseam measures about 32."
Price new: About $120
Asking price: $20

Size: Youth S
Details: Same model of bibs only my brother's old pair. In practically perfect condition. Inseam measures about 27."
Price new: About $120
Asking price: $35

Ladies HJC Bibs

Size: Ladies M
Materials: Shell - Nylon; Lining - Nylon; Filling - Polyester. Knee areas and as well as butt are reinforced.
Details: Worn only a handful of times by both my mother and later on a girlfriend of my father's. Great condition since they've never really been worn. The butt has a velcro opening flap. Inseam measures just under 30."
Price new: About $150
Asking price: $40

Ladies CKX "Explore" Boots

Size: Ladies 7-8
Details: Warm, made for snowmobile touring boots. Worn only a few times; like new.
Price new: About $120
Asking price: $30

Youth CKX Helmet

Size: Youth L
Details: My brother's old helmet. Good shape...stickers can be removed. Heated visor but without cord. Cord can be replaced at most stores that sell CKX.
Price new: About $100; heated visor about $80
Asking price: $55

Other Stuff[/size=5]

Metallica Hoodie and Cap

Size: Hoodie - Men's L; Cap - one size fits all
Details: Metallica clothing with their newer, modernized logo. Hoody had been tried on, but never worn or washed. Cap has never been worn, either.
Price new: Hoodie - About $30; Cap - About $20
Asking price: $20 for both (I think this hoody is still sold for the same price new)

University of Michigan Reversible Fleece/Windbreaker Jacket

Size: Men's L
Details: Spring and fall jacket with a UofM logo on the left chest. Has a hood and a drawstring at the bottom. Never left my closet after the initial try on...never fit me how I liked. Arms measure 24.5," collar to bottom measures about 27."
Price new: About $40
Asking price: $15

Open to offers. Located in Michigan. Paypal or money order, please.
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