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Funky Smell

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This buddy of mine just recently bought a 2000 snow pro and the guy he bought it from used to race the sled, anyway he was using race fuel in it and the first tank my buddy ran through it was race gas. Well I haven't been exposed to sleds that run race gas and this thing just stinks!!! It's one of the most foul smells I have ever had the pleasure of smelling, so I was wondering if this is par for the course or if his sled is just messed up?
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umm what is wrong with you? High Octane smells great ;) Nah that is normal. High Octane is easy to detect in a snowmobile if you know what i mean. My uncle ran it when we grass dragged the one time. He ran 118 from a buddies Dirt Modified. He rode past some Polaris boys on his ZR 800 when he took off his helmet they yelled down "can't even smell the big gas" You could still smell it a couple weeks ago when we went to New York riding. And that was after it had about 10 tanks of 92 through it.
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