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Just thought I'd share this. . . however, it doesn't say what make of sled he starts with, perhaps it's all custom????

Ypsilanti Engineer Wins Snowmobile World Series

Engineering Manager Phil Barr is known at the Ypsilanti Plant for his attention to detail and his consistency. These are precisely the attributes that have launched him to celebrity status in the snowmobile racing world. Barr recently won both the Canadian and American World Series for Ice Drag Racing in the 800 cc open modified class.

Barr builds his own snowmobiles, or "sleds," in a shop at his home in Michigan, USA. He has an engine built for him, but he assembles and tunes everything else. He began constructing the sled last fall, after a friend of his challenged him to build a new machine for the 2003 World Series. The friend, Todd Serra, also volunteered to drive, since Barr no longer drives competitively.

In January 2003, teams converged in Quebec for the Canadian World Series of Ice Drag Racing. Barr took a risk and brought his newest creation - an 800 cc open modified - without even testing it in competition before the big race. He and Serra soon found out that the snowmobile was faster than they thought. So fast that it easily beat the competition in Canada.

Stiffer competition back home
The next week saw the pair racing again, this time at the American World Series in Michigan. The competition was stiffer at this race, but the team managed to qualify third after the initial heats. Throughout the weekend, they lined up next to and triumphed over the fastest "snow hot rods" in the United States. In the final race, Serra guided the sled to victory by 0.276 seconds, traveling at more than 125 miles per hour (200 km/hr) over the 0.13-mile (0.2 km) course.

Being the champion is a new sensation for Barr, who has been racing for 30 years. "What does it feel like to have the 'baddest' 800 open mod on the planet?" he asks rhetorically. "It hasn't really soaked in yet. After 30 years, it's long overdue!"

Lessons from the job
He credits the victory to the same attributes that have made him a fixture at the Ypsilanti Plant - consistency and attention to detail. "And having the best driver in the world!" he jokes. "Determination, preparation and consistency will give anybody the same chance we had to win the championship."

Barr's next challenge - to repeat as world champion, a feat no one has ever pulled off in this sport.
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