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Gas coming from breather tube?

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The problem is whenever I fill my tank more
than 3/4 on my 99 XC500 the sloshing of
the fuel works it's way up the breather tube.
Every bump a little more fuel works it's way
up the tube til ut comes out the end.I can smell fuel for the first 1/4 tank. Dealer
doesn't know what to do,Polaris says take it to the dealer. Anyone else have this problem?
If so were you able to correct it? Thanks

1999 XC500
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A buddy we ride with has a 99 700 xc sp and has the same problem as you. We rerouted the vent line so it was higher than it was before and it helped abit, but it still hasnt stopped.
i take it it isn't an sp- it does have the 11.8 gal tank. my 10.5 works fine, but my brother and dad have the same tank, and i don't think they've had any problems like that before.

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'99 XC SP 500
I don't know about your sled but I had a similar effect with the diffs on my wheeler.They used to weep gear oil out so I bought longer hoses and ran them up much higher and then back down under the machine so if it does drip it's on the ground.I don't know if you have anywhere to stub out under your machine, just a thought.

Dude, don't freak out.
What if you put a bulb or something in the line. Like a fuel filter or something. That way the pressure pushing the gas out would bleed off and leave the gas in the filter to drain back down. The filter would have to be straight up and down, of course. The larger diameter of the filter would let the air bubble through the gas.

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I would agree w/ a longer hose for the vent line....make a bunch of loops with it and put the end of the line up kinda high...that should take care of the prob.

Polaris is my way out - Other people just use a door.
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