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general jetting questions

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Hi guys,

I am confused on jet specifications. I have an old '79 arctic cat el tigre 5000, that i just picked up for $50. The jets had been changed from stock. I found a chart on the internet that lists stock jets as 230/190 (High/Low) What does the high/low mean? is it meant for altitide compenstaion? i.e. 320 is a high altitude jet, and 190 a low altitude? or is this simply a "safe range" to run without damaging the engine? The jets are currently 210's This sled will be used primairly on private property in the mount snow area (less than 1500' altitude)

Should i change the jets? where is a good place to buy that kind of stuff?


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The higher you go in altitude the lower the jet size. Opposite to what you speculated. The Hi/Low is probably a range due to temperature. If the sled was run in the area before, the 210s are probably fine. Check your plugs colour after a decent burst of full throttle. Should be a tan colour.
The last time it was used, was for water racing in the summer. I figured it was leaned out to run in warm weather. I probably won't be able to keep an eye on the plugs, because it is going to be left at a friend's vacation house, and other people will probably be riding it too.

I just wanted to know if this was a safe jet to have in. I'd rather leave it a little rich. better safe than sorry (i.e. burnt piston). should i just move the needle up a notch?

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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