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getting lost

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i don't know to howmany of you guys this has happened to, but you should always make sure someone yer ridin with has a map, and they know how to read it.
My uncle always seems to get us lost and he never seems to get the point. but now we don't let him be our navigator cuz he'll get us lost.
i really think it is funny sometimes though, cuz then the next day everyone just leaves him in the snow dust.

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I usually ride with people who know the area, which is a huge help. I haven't ever been severly lost though, got minorly lost in a blizzard once.

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Some times I even get lost with a map, some of the trails in northern WI aren't marked the same as the map shows you. The best thing to do is get a new map every year since some of the trails get rerouted because of land use issues. This year I am planning on getting a map holder that mounts on my handlebars. hope that helps me out a little more.
right in my immediate area, it would be impossible to get lost on the trails. but i guess they say we have a good trail system a little further west that is a little more complex then just connecting the little never gotten lost, just keep on goin till u get to a place u recognize! lol

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I we get lost even useing a map too. NH. trails are not marked very well, neither is MA. trails. Once in a while I swear they do it on purpose. Canada was more than marked good.

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yeah, i don't know how he gets us lost so much. he always brings a new map with him, and the trails all over michigan are marked pretty good. but we always seem to get at least semi-lost. a couple of times though i have used it for an excuse for getting home late. my mom will ask, "where have you been?" and my dad or i will just answer, "oh cal got us lost again."

but all of the people i ride with agree, he's no longer the official navigator. LOL

Let there be snow...
There is no mapped out trail system around here.Like A C Guy says, just keep going untill you come out somewhere you recognise.Most of the guys I ride with are avid hunters that know every ridge, valley , and deerpath in the area.Alot of times we tank around where there are no trails at all, but always wind up finding our destination.You definitely want someone with a good sense of direction leading the pack.
As long as the weather is nice, and there is sunlight available, I dont mind getting too lost. I know eventually I will end up somewhere I know, and will make it home!

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Get a GPS they work.

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Doesn't anyone use a compass. You should always have one with you along with a map. Its not fun being lost late at night deep in the woods.
Last year I was traveling on a new trail with some friends......I was the last in line, something broke on my sled....they kept going.....the rest is history, I was stuck/lost in the woods for at least 5 hours.....that sucked. GPS for me this year!

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When I ride in a group, the first thing I explain to everyone is you are responsible for the sled behind you. If you don't see it, stop and wait for other to come get you or circle back to you last stop area. Works for us. + we have the communicators too for lead and last sled so it's a little easier on the group.

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hey thats a prettygood idea Bman.

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