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getting my cat to purr!

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ok i just bought my first sled over the weekend, 87 cat jag 440, so today i worked on it cleaning and adjusting and greaseing the track, and just doing general maintnaince, and learning as i go, i know this sled is older but its in great shape with only 1200 miles, looks more like a 97,buy the time im done making it very reliable ill have less than a $1,000 in it, so its just another toy for me! i even got underneath and painted the rear suspention with rust preventive paint , were rust was starting, now i need to change out belts, change the chaincase oil, and new brake pads, and new wearbars, i also need to change out the plugs too, then this cat will really purr, also i ride dirtbikes and use synthetic 2 stroke oil, is this stuff good for my injection on this cat? or should i just run A.C. injection oil?, i was working on my sled out side it was like 55 here today, but when it does snow i wanna be ready!
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You should be fact you may even be better off using the synthetic of the regular stuff.... sounds like you have a nice sled there!! Try to snap some pics of it and post them in the My Sled section!

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Cool man, seems like you got a good deal on it. Get it all cleaned up and ready for winter. Either oil will work just fine.

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Where i work I noticed guys putting regular non-synthetic oil in older sleds and i asked all the guys why they only put the synthetic in the newer machines. they all said that any sled older than 92-93 should stick with the regular oils because machining tolerances in the engine werent as close as they are in the newer engines so the thicker oils actual help the older engines more than the synthetic will. Ever since they told me that i have ran regular oil in my older sleds.

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