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Getting stuck someplace

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Hey, do any of you ever worry about sleddn somewhere and getting stuck in the middle of nowhere (ie; breakdown or something else) and not be able to reach someone for help or even if you could, have a hard time telling them where you are? Though very pricey, this seems pretty cool. Check out

Before you say it - I know, cellphone and GPS would do the same thing.
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I have never gotten seriously stuck anywhere. My snowmobiles seldom break down. I also always carry around a cell phone when I go for long distances.

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I bring a cell phone when possible
I have a cell phone with a signal booster. I always have a low temp compass and a map. If I could afford one, I would get a GPS, but I haven't gotten lost (to bad) yet.

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my grandma in her old senile age always buys those AAA cellphone offers that she gets in the mail. My dad cancells them, and we keep the phone. A few weeks ago I went and grabed one, charged it up, and charged up the spare battery. I then turned it off, and wrapped it in a towel, then I put it in a ziplock bag, and stuffed it into the the rear compartment. The phone is NOT activated, but AFAIK even not-activated phones will dial 911... And you can make calls just by putting in a credit card number. The screen did get cracked a little the last time out, I guess all that jumping I did isn't too good for the phone :) But the batteries stay charged for a while, it's still on like 2/3rds, and it's sat outside in the cold for almost a month now.

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