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sweet deal on my side!

Ok, bought my first sled last month, 97 MXZ 670. The thing looked to be in perfect shape. roughly 8,000k on the thing. Brought it home, ran like a charm, no snow, so i took it around the lawn then parked it waiting for snow. I found out the day after i bought it that the dealership won best dealer (bombardier) in Quebec award.

It snowed, took it around my house on twice (not more than 500ft) and parked again. Noticed a corner of one of the pads was agled, figured "cool! beveld edge on the brake pad! ?!?" i didn't know any better. It finnaly snow enough to take it out to some guys field in the boonies (tresspassing..naw! :p) Anyways, was riding for no more than 3 minutes when i hit the brakes to slow down, then released, i hit the gas then noticed it seemd to be reving high for the speed i was going... I release the throttle, sled almost came to a hault, knew right away that the brakes had ceased up on her... brought it right back to the trailer. Shut her down, disk was glowing red!

Took it to my friends farm and we figured the brake pad has broken apart and jammed up in the caliper. Went to get new pads the next day and notice the caliper pistons wouldn't retract, brought the caliper to dealar to check (another dealership) and he said the problem was contaminated brake fluid and rusty caliper internals. So, he said flush the system with new brake fluid. Turns out the master cylinder was messed up as well... full of junk at the bottom. I took it all apart to clean, busted the seal on the piston in the master cylinder and said, this shouldn't be my problem.

The dealership i bought the sled from went through the trouble of replacing bearings on the wheels of the track... so why not the brake system?

I called them up and explained that the seal was broken when i took it apart. They would obviously know that there was no way i could have done this... there was no more than 1km on the odometer since i bought it.

Got it back on monday (after it snowed all weekend...argh!) and they done all the work no charge. I was expecting to pay half as my guarantee was a 50/50 deal. I took it out and had fun monday night at my friend farm, worked great.

I lifted the hood yesterday before i parked it to check it all out and found a great surprise! They replaced the stock disk with a cross-drilled rotor!

So, new cross-drilled rotor, new master cylinder, and cleaned and rebuilt caliper. no charge.

Lapointe Sports, Joliette Qc, Canada.
I'm happy. It's worth driving to the other side of Montreal for me!

Just figured i'd share my story.... way too happy about the vented disk.... does it make a difference on a ski-doo?

97 Skidoo MXZ 670
2000 Sonoma ZQ8
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