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good or bad sled???

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Im looking @ a 1995 Polaris RXL Triple. Ive heard some bad stories about the triples but would like to more. Help me out on this guys, i appriciate it!!!
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I have an XLT special I love the triple the seem to run beter high end then twins because they can get the air and breath better....but a twin will have a little zip. I still feel that the triple runs a little smoother, are fun to work on, and with the right carburation and pipes, and a little clutch work, can kick some twin a$$....But I love triples. I ran my XLT against a 2000 xc 600 and didnt see a difference until i pulled away from it at top end
Polaris had problems with the 650's in the early years. They like to burn up the center cylinder. Polaris has been working on this problem since the mid 80's. That problem was taken care of by the early 90's. If you do get the RXL make sure that you fog the engine before summer storage or else you may run into the same problem as a good friend of mine. He ended up haveing to replace the crank because the two center crank bearings rusted over the summer. he got about 100 miles on it before it locked up.
My neighbors have a pair of those sleds and they are some of the best running sleds I have ever seen. Not the fastest things on the trail but no slouch either!

2002 Arctic Cat ZR 800 EFI
1993 Polaris Storm 750
Piped and Clutched
The triples are great engines and I am sad to see them depart the way of the dinosaurs. They are great with the proper clutching and exhaust. My XLT Special is fabulous all around the power curve. They run smoother, burn gas better, and get better gas milage. The triples are great if you can handle them!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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