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Good sled parts site

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I need to store that has oem parts for old sleds like a 79 ski-doo everst 340 i really needs points and condensors for it. Also does anyone if the 79 olmpique 340 has the same points and condensors as my model? thanks.

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I would try Central Snowmobile Salvage. They are located in Green Bay, WI.

They have an unblieveable sea of old sleds, and are really good about the salvage process for old parts.

But be careful, they'll overcharge in a heartbeat, if you don't ask about the price...


Another good place to go is the Sport shop in Bonduel, Wisconsin. They are good peaple their, and won't ripp ya off. They disassemble wrecked out sleds and catolog the parts. They have alot of original old decals and some other rare stuff like original Raider parts. If you want something they problably have it. They also do some Harley Davison stuff and boat stuff.

Bonduel is about 15 to 29 mins west of Green Bay on HWY 29, exit north to Bonduel, and it's on the right hand side next to the gas station.

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The 79 Everest & Olympique 340's share the same engine model. The difference that I see is that the Everest has a Mikuni VM30-91 and a 17:33 gear ratio. The Olympique has a Mikuni VM30-98 and 16:34 gears. So the points and condensors are the same.

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