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Goodwin Clutch Kit

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This is just an FYI for people looking to install a clutch kit.
I purchased and installed a Goodwin clutch kit in my 01ZL800 yesterday. It took about an hour to install, the most dificult part was removing the primary clutch. I purchased a puller from Cat, man was that clutch tight. The bolt came right out, but holding the clutch in place was a bear, I wound up using a strap wrench with about an 18" long handle to hold the clutch while turning the puller bolt. When the clutch finally broke loose of the tapered crank it sounded like the puller broke!
After installing new primary and secondary springs, weights and helix I reinstalled everything.
I have only been able to take it out in my back yard and play a little but it really seems to make a difference. It engages about 5000 rpms versus 3500 and really seems to keep the engine in it's power range.
I'll be able to put it to the real test in a week when I'll be in the UP, but from what I've experienced so far it's definitely worth the $200 cost of the kit.

2001 ZL800
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Coupling Kit
Goodwin Clutch Kit

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I also believe in installing the clutch kits. I am not to familiar with clutching, yet. But I do relay on the "experts" in the business. I had a Goodwin on my Polaris XCF, and it made a hella difference on it. Very nice kit. Install is faily easy and straighfoward, but helps if you have a second pair of hands. I installed a D&D Racing clutch kit on my 00 ZL500, and it really woke that sled up. The upshifts are faily the same, but it holds the sweet spot better, the backshifts are light years ahead of the stock cat calibration. The only thing I have notcied about the kit is it is not super strong out of the hole. It hits the clutches good, then once that motor is about 7000rpm the whole sled takes off. Sort of nice, but I'll keep the back shifts. It's funny because I'll start off with the clutches just below engagement then push the loud handle all the way in and she runs, then two seconds later, the nose is up, I have no streering and she's running away.

Compared to a completely stock 01 XC 500 (non-vavler) Before the kit, we were pretty much dead even, then after the kit, I was much faster, but the XC had the holeshot. Once I jetted it, no contest, then after the can was added, the old XC was toast! I have some real good kills with that little 500 Suzuki motor. Now I just need to ride the Suzuki 500 with valves to see if it really is that better.


2000 Arctic Cat ZL500 - D&D Racing Can, D&D Clutching, Re-Jetted It, 120 Woody's, Various Appearance Acc.
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