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Grass Dragging

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Dare do it to your sled? I do :)

The last one is a Thundercat 1107 and Storm 1000.
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Wow, how do you keep the hyfax from melting? Looks cool but I prefer to land in snow if something goes wrong.

Great pics!

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hehe you don't they take a beating but they hold up long as you don't make too many runs. the max runs I think are good is 2 but my dad took 4 once. I mean in a row not all day. You could take 2 runs then let it cool down then go again.
looks fun... i saw grass drags at lebanon valley speedway near wear i live... its awsome to see sleds that haul with mod alcohol engines! SWEEEET

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Sweet! So are you going to tell us who won some of these races???
I'd love to know.

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There is no way I would subject my new baby to that! But if we don't get snow soon I might change my tune! Hell, it's going to kill me just to do my first dry road crossing!! hehe the new sled carefulness will wear off soon enough I'm sure!

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when i saw the drags i was 14... best thing to watch! it was cool seeing sleds from around the state that people have been working on and finally raced them. never seen a crash tho

Duct tape much like the force... it has a light side, a dark side.... and it holds the world together!
I have a buddy who ran 4.29 sec in 500' this summer at the grass drags on his T-Cat. Seriousously quick sleds. But then I guess grass/dirt provides a pretty good launch at the start.

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Intended that does wear off. My dad was nice and all to his viper then loading my sled on the trailor next to his he hit it and was like damnit ok lets do it again and hit it again. We need a new trailor but it was funny.
Out of the pack of Vipers in the first one my dad's sled won. Everytime he raced them he won. Umm second pic the black Artic Cat won. The one looks like its getting the worst start. It is a 2002 ZL 800 EFI SS. We think it may have been doing so good cause it can componsate for the temp. It was good and warm on this day. Third I think the Blue Edge X won. Its an XC 700. fourth my dad's Viper won(what a surprise with the holeshot he got)
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