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Grass Drags

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OK, who all grass drags? how many of you can remember you're first run down the track? let's get some stories goin on here.

they may be called snowmobiles, but hiding behind that is a cheap excuse to not grass drag.
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I do. Umm I cracked the throttle and got the surprise of a lifetime. I was used to our XCR 600 SP lead sled and when I cracked the throttle on the Viper and she squatted and launched the skis, it scared the crap out of me. I held on though. Forget who I raced that time. I think I raced two others beat the one and lost to the other.

Edited by - Sled_Dog on February 15 2002 08:46:25 AM couple pics of grass dragging. I have a VHS of some racing somewhere. Think my uncle has it I will try and get it and transfer it to the computer.
For all you grass draggers, how bad does that tear up your track? I might give it a shot sometime, but not for the cost of a new track

2002 Arctic Cat ZR 800 EFI

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it isn't very nice to them. Might was to check your runway first for rocks. They are really not nice to a track. I live and race in an area called West Rockhill. As you can imagine you can't dig up 1 square foot of earth withoput removing about 5 rocks.

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I grass drag. Intended, I have'nt noticed anything wrong with my tracks after a few grass drags. Obviously you must have the appropriate number of picks. One time I was racing in the final of my class after cleaning up in the preliminaries. I had spent so much time on the performance that I didnt work on the suspension well enough. I needed to sit on the tank and lean way forward to stop the machine from going up to high and not providing me any steering. Well at 2/3 track I was out front and the machine dropped dead . As panic set in I realized I hit the kill switch with my chest. Got it back on and still came in second.
that is past insane. we try to keep our skis just off the ground. Like in Tractor pulls you try and keep the front wheels just off the ground so you don't lose power to the bucking up but you don't have that friction and your rear gets all the weight for traction. You steer by leanign side to side. It isn't the greatest for aeros but combined it works out. I race 500feet against a large group of ppl I knwo nothing sanctioned.
Any one ever bring a radar there ? if so what kinds of machines and speeds.
no radar there. one guy has oen but he didn't bring it around don't think he had gotten it yet. Most of the sleds run were 2002s. The Viper, ZR 800, XC 800, XC 700, XCR 800. Thundercat 1107 and a XCR 1000 run there too. Why?
Oh, I just was going to compare to my times. thats all.
dude, that's sick, hit the kill switch by accident and still got second? that's nuts

neways, ya, my first race was on my 99 sx 500, I can remember every inch of that track I swear, 'cause I had spent months tuning, but man, it was crazy

we where running on a 0.4 light, and I cut the crappiest light that I ever have (other than redlights) it was like a 0.835, but I was racing a brand new pair of 2002, AC zr500's, I was seriosly worried going into the race 'cause I thought I was screwed, but even cutting a light that crappy, I stil walked away from them, they where at like 2/3 track when I was done, I actually looked over my shoulder at the end of the track to make sure that they where still coming. Probably one of those moments that will stay with me for the rest of my life.

they may be called snowmobiles, but hiding behind that is a cheap excuse to not grass drag.
Can the XC smoke the ZR . and can the XCR 800 beat them both. Where does the viper fit in .
I don't know about at the track, but on the trails I know that vipers and mxz 800's run together nicely

as for radar run times, my 500ft time on my 500 stocker was 7.0 on grass, near the end of the season (cold air) average air temp of maybe 10 degrees C

they may be called snowmobiles, but hiding behind that is a cheap excuse to not grass drag.
We dont get actual times just mph here. Do you remember your mph,
ya, my mph was 72.5 religiosly, but that's what she was geared for, my first run down the track (B4 ne tuning at all) she ran a 76, I've never tried to set her up for top speed at 500 ft tho, and she's gone now, so I guess I'll never know

O ya, if U guys want a cool website for grass drags try

that's the circuit I run on, I'm iain hutchinson running amateur stock F for the record, some of the times they have recorded are pretty far off, but they always get the winner, runner up, 3rd place, etc right

they may be called snowmobiles, but hiding behind that is a cheap excuse to not grass drag.
also, if you guys ever wanna talk tuning or just shoot the $hit about racing, just send me a message via ICQ, I share yer obsession, lol

they may be called snowmobiles, but hiding behind that is a cheap excuse to not grass drag.
all right let me think. The ZR 800 beat teh XC 800. The ZR has twins pipes and the XC has a single pipe. The XCR beats them all. Plain and simple doesn't beat the XC 800 or ZR by a whole lot in the 500 but it does beat htem. The Viper comes in behind those. It runs right with the XC 700 beats it once or twice but usually losses to it.
Viper will run w/ em up till 140 or so, then they walk away from her. SRX takes everything 'cept the ZR800's and that's a hell of a race. SRX and vipers run together up to 140, then the SRX just keeps going and the drop off in accel on the viper'll pret near put U over the windshield.

they may be called snowmobiles, but hiding behind that is a cheap excuse to not grass drag.
140 mph and then the SRX will keep going??? I dunno, but if it was, then it must have been a HEAVILY modified sled. Wow, that's fast.
I think he means Kilometers which would be 90 mph
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