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hard starting

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i have a 93 xlt sp 580, havin problems with gas fouled plugs. i just bought this 2 wks ago, it ran then, since then i have drained and cleaned the carbs, then it would fire up and ran perfect, but now, nothing. should i use a hotter plug? right now i am using ngk br9es, anything better? or is it that its just too warm right now? any help would be very much appriciated.
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Did you clean the carbs before or after it "ran perfect"? If it ran fine 2 weeks ago i would not change the plug heat range. If all three plugs are gas fouled i would check for an improperly adjusted choke. If it is just one or two plugs maybe check for a stuck float in the carbs.

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Usually because u probably didn't run it very fast or very long, plugs get a build up on them, which is why I rarely run my machine in summer. Change the plugs and give it a shot, don't run anything hotter than a br9es. You could try a BR9EYA though. They have a little V cut in the electrode, which supposedly keeps them from fouling. It's what I use.

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