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have you ridden this year?

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Who has been out so far this year and where did you ride? Was it sooner or later than last year?

It hasn't snowed around here (Seattle) that I've heard of... At least not enought to ride. Last year sucked I didn't get out till Christmas.
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Leaving this friday for the first ride of the year. Heading to the Okanagan Valley near Penticton. Should be a blast and get to test the new yamaha too!

I think.... therefore I sled
Two '94 Indy XLT SKS
I've thatched the yard with it a couple of times Heading to the UP day after Cristmas for two weeks. Cant wait.

Yea, I have ridden this year and put on about 40 miles so far!

My new sled has 3 miles on it... all running the ditch near a buddy's house last week. I just couldn't wait.

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