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head first over the handle bars

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I just experienced a new way to get off my snowmobile while it's still moving. First, you get a lot of speed on a flat straight away, then you head into the deep pow on the side of the trail, if the snow is deep enough and you don't stay on the throttle you lose all kinds of speed and fly straight over the front of your sled. The scary part is having a five hundred pound machine running you down while you are two feet under the snow with your mouth jammed so full of the stuff you can't breath. Luckily I held on to the front bumper and it didn't completely run me over, my buddy had to lift the skis to get my torso and legs out though. If you've never had snow come out your nose, this is a good way to try it. Remember to get those feet ABOVE your head.
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Ouch. Are you alright? Sounds like it hurt.

Trees don't make the greatest brakes...
Sounds like something I almost did right after I got my sled. Except my incident happened on the trail with only 2 miles on the sled. Hit a plowed pathway that crossed our trail. I got some air, landed it short and the track hit the other side and kicked up in the air. Glad to hear that you came out of it alright though.

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Hmm, not good. I have seen my friend going like 20 mph then hit a hug rock and fly over. How fast were you going?

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Face plants-----------> Baaaaaad, very baaaad. Did you take off the windshield in the process?

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Another good reason not to have studs!

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I was probably doing about 40 went I started going over the bars but we slowed down pretty fast in the deep stuff. I have this funny visual of me with my feet over my head and my right hand still on the bars looking backwards behind the sled. I went completely over the windshield and slid down the hood, so I got lucky with that.
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