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headlight bulb?

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anyone replace the stock bulb with an expensive bright replacement?
I think I need an H4?
I was looken at the PIAA plasma ION yellow bulbs, the platinum superwhites, and the extreme whites!
They dont draw any extra power but they make a bunch more light.
I installed PIAA super whites in my old SS and they were much brighter!

91 polaris indy 650 RXL EFI
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Great another one wanting to blind me as he passes the opposite way on the trail.

"Meaningless Ride"
anyone add some fog lights to there sleds like the riceboys do?

91 polaris indy 650 RXL EFI
It has been proven that the "Super white" or blue lights you can buy....even the expensive Piaa's are NOT brighter than the regular bulbs your sled/car comes with. What they lack for in brightness however they make up for with contrast.....makes seeing animals and other objects on the side of the trail much easier to see! Now if you are stuck in a snowstorm or are in somebody's snowcloud, then you will wish you didn't have those so called premium bulbs because the blue light is much more reflective than the yellowish light, causing the light to reflect off the snow more which will blind you. This is why the bulbs seem brighter when you look at them, it is because of the color spectrum they are in. Now if you want a real upgrade, look into one of the true HID kits which cost around 500 bucks......they are much better than any blue colored bulb could ever be!

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