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Heat exchanger

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Well i just wanted to catch an early problem before it happened. Anyways my track has studs in it. And since it does the heat exchanger has stud tracks left in it. By this i mean the studs have scraped up against it. I was wondering about how long will it be before it needs replacing? My neighbors track also has studs in it and his heat exchanger looked exactly the same stud flew off and put a hole right through it. That put him out for the rest of the season and costing him over a hundred dollars because it went all the way through it and then some. Don`t want this to happen to me so just wanted to catch it early. anyone know? o by the way if you don`t know where it is its up in front of the looks like a radiator. Thanx again.
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Make sure you aren't using too long of studs. Usually not more than 1/4" longer than track lug height. And make sure you keep your track adjusted properly, not too loose.

Yeah i`m using the right size studs. i think it might have been that the track was to loose.
happens.... my one friends skidoo mach z has worn a large spot on its bulkhead. You can see light through his bulkhead. Anyway just run it till your pics are green :). My dad's viper has bars to prevent the picks from hitting. Just keep going man.
i had studs on my old EXT, one day, one went flying out of my track. It went right into my heat exchanger. Just had to find a guy w/ a aluminum welder and take the exchanger out, and he fixed it like new. I pulled all my studs out then cuz others were starting to rip, i figured i didnt want to have to go through the trouble of that again.

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well i guesss im lucky, my 93 xlt sp has studs, but no scrapes on the front exchanger as of yet, but im not too worried, ive got spare exchangers off a 96 xcr in my garage, but you want to watch the stud size, and check your track for loose studs, and if possible, tighten them or replace them.
Are you running tunnel protectors on your sled?
Not sure what sled you have but I have heard that if you stud up a track you need to install tunnel protectors to keep from doing what you are describing.

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Tunnel protectors do just what they say, they protect the aluminum tunnel. The heat exchanger we are refferring to is located in front of the drive axle and sprockets. although i reccomend using tunnel protectors they dont do anything to save the heat exchangers.

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Are the clearances that close at the drivers?
May just be a mountain sled thing but I've got over an inch of clearance from my heat exchanger by the drivers.

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I have space up front but it might be a loose stud. I would put a heat exchanger cover on but they don`t make them for my sled. I will check all my studs.
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