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Heated shield, 1997 Indy 600 XLT SP

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I just connected my heated shield, the easist way I found was to splice into the yellow with red stripe wire that was going into the highbeam/low beam switch. I got a constant 12 volts there. Also the shield turns off when the high beams are on, I could have corrected that by splicing into that wire as well, but I like the fact that I can turn off my shield when I want.

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i dont know if i would have spliced into the headlight circut, sure you wont used high beams much during the day, but as night falls and so do the temps, youll want high beams and a clear shield, shouldve maybe went into the running light circut, that should be 12 volt constant, and add a separte switch to control your sheild, that way you can turn it on and off manually

1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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